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Ecofragrance Works LLP was formed with a vision to bring a change in this age-old traditional method of making incense sticks using charcoal and replace it with some alternate sustainable solution. Hence dry leaf-based incense sticks were born.

We transform dry dead leaves shed by all kind of trees such as Mango tree, Almond tree, Ashoka tree, Sapota tree, Jackfruit tree, Grape’s tree, Apple tree, Holy Bel Patra tree, Holy Banyan Tree, Holy Peepal tree, Teak tree etc… into suitable and neutral base raw material for making incense products.

We also transform agro waste into suitable and neutral base raw material for manufacturing incense products. By using agro waste, it can help farmers by giving them additional income benefits.

We recycle leaves naturally shed by trees into suitable raw material for making incense products through our patented process. An invention which is first of its kind in the entire globe.


India is the leading manufacturer for incense sticks in the world. It also exports to around 160+ countries. Incense stick mainly comprises of 50-60% of “CHARCOAL” (base raw material) or Wood  Powder and other raw materials in small portions. Since charcoal is largely used in agarbatti industry, hence there is a huge demand for the same in the market. In order to cater to this, large quantity of wood is being used to produce charcoal. Around 5 tons of wood is required to be burnt to produce 1 ton of charcoal.

As per Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC), India alone consumes around 1,490 tons incense sticks per day i.e. 5,43,850 lakh tons p.a.

A Presumptive calculation on Trees consumed if wood used for charcoal production is converted to Trees:

  • 5,43,850 lakh tons (incense) – 30% (bamboo) = 3,80,695 lakh tons of mixed raw material
  • 3,80,695 lakh tons (mix raw material) *50% (Charcoal) = 1,90,347 lakh tons of charcoal consumed p.a.
  • 1,90,347 lakh tons of charcoal = 9,51,735 lakhs tons of wood (Approx. 5 tons wood = 1 ton charcoal) (1 tree weight = 2-3 tons avg.)
  • Therefore 9,51,735/2 = 4,75,867 lakh trees approx. are consumed to produce charcoal only in India just for Incense industry

Due to such huge consumption of charcoal and wood powder from agarbatti industry, supply is made available in the market for which trees might be getting cut illegally. This is resulting in deforestation and charcoal production is causing air pollution as carbon di oxide and other poisonous greenhouse gases are being released into the environment. Global warming is the biggest concern of mankind at present. This process is largely contributing to air pollution and harm to eco system which also in turn is directly or indirectly contributing to global warming.



Our incense sticks are made from biowaste, which refers to organic waste that can be broken down naturally without causing harm to the environment.

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